Features and Benefits Typical Product Applications
Stainless steel body constructionRemovable vibratory feeder systemFull color RGB and NIR (CSV600BM) camerasShape and size sorting capabilityGlass and inorganic same-color FM detectionLong-life LED lighting rated at 20,000 hoursPrecision 5mm spaced air ejectors650mm belt with lightweight contamination coverAccept product impact-reduction designSeparable body design for quick belt changeLarge 12.1″ touch screen panelAutomatic smart sensitivity calibrationEasy cleaning and maintenanceDry Beans: Pinto, Navy, White, BlackTree Nuts: Almonds, Cashews, Walnuts, Pistachios, PecansSoybeans and EdamameRedskin and Blanched PeanutsGreen and Roasted Coffee BeansPasta and other Dried NoodlesDry Snack Food and ConfectionaryUncommon: Olives, Tea and Tobacco, SeaweedIndustrial: Plastics, Metals and other Bulk SolidsDry Pet Food and Kibble