Satake Corporation has drawn on its extensive experience in the field of optical sorting to develop the Pellet Sorter range consisting of two optical sorters specifically designed to sort plastic pellets.

Raw material is fed at a carefully controlled rate to the conveyor belt, where a series of CCD cameras scan each individual pellet. Rejected materials are then removed from the product flow by compressed air.

Both Pellet Sorters are highly effective at increasing the purity and quality of your product and maximizing its value in either a single or two stage pass system.

Product Advantages

  • Ability to detect discoloured specks within transparent product
  • Speck Sensitivity – to detect small black specks
  • Area Sensitivity – to detect whole or mostly discoloured pellets
  • Sensitivities can be used simultaneously
  • Large processing capacity
  • Can be used in continuous or batch operation

Product Features

  • Precise 0.06mm pixel resolution
  • Multiple high resolution CCD cameras
  • Stable material flow due to belt convey¬≠ors
  • Integrated de-ionisers to eliminate static build up
  • Equipped with an air conditioner to maintain constant temperature and improve sorting stability
  • Stainless steel body  
  • Large touch panel control